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IGLO - Images Grid LayOut

Easy way to print multiple photos on single paper

Simply open your images in the Gimp, run the script and print created grid

Brief description

  • IGLO is a Gimp script.
  • Script merges multiple images to another one with grid layout.
  • You can use it for printing multiple photos on single paper, creating posters, wallpaper, CD/DVD covers, etc.
  • You can duplicate images in final grid to print visit-card, etc.
  • Script uses as many as possible opened images according defined grid cell count.
  • Size of grid cell, count of grid cell, count of rows and columns are calculated automatically, or defined by user settings.

Download ver. 1.8 (22. 2. 2016)        PLEASE GIVE ME A FEEDBACK BELOW

Install and use

  • Install Gimp - IGLO is tested with version 2.10
  • Download and unpack (untar) archive - on MS Windows you can use 7zip, TotalCommander, etc.
  • Place script in your ~/.gimp-2.10/scripts, or [gimphome]/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/, or ~/snap/gimp/94/.config/GIMP/2.10/scripts/ (in case you use snaps)
  • Run Gimp and open your images for printing
  • Run script from main Gimp menu /Tools/Images Grid Layout (at least one image must be loaded!)
  • Set your specific settings in opened dialog, or let it default and click OK
  • Print created image

Script settings

  1. size of new image from standard paper sizes or set manually width and height in pixels, millimeters or inches
  2. size of paper margin - empty space around paper
  3. user defined maximum size of images on the paper(size of place for image in the grid)
  4. minimal distance between grid cells
  5. units for size values
  6. DPI of new image
  7. repeat every single source image x-times on final paper
  8. count of rows and columns in grid of images (size of grid sell will be calculated and images will be automatically scaled)
  9. positioning strategy - snap image to paper edge, or center image in the grid cell
  10. automatic image rotation for best orientation in grid cell
  11. automatic change of image aspect ratio to grid cell aspect ratio
  12. repeat last image to fill empty cells
  13. flatten visible layers in new image (you can do additional changes to arranged images, if you uncheck the setting [for example: you can hide some layer with image to print grid without it])
  14. color of foreground (color of empty grid cell)
    color of background (color of paper, IOW: color of space between grid cells)

Please give me a feedback here:

Your name:


Please, write the number '1' into:  

2024-03-13 23:51:42 Jack Li - Thank you very much!

2022-02-15 19:09:17 PatrikRoy - Took me a few minutes to fully understand the interface, but it's exactly what I needed! Many thanks.

2020-08-05 09:01:50 Kamil - The order of images on result composition depends on order in which you open particular images.

2020-08-04 15:20:02 kalju - good script , but can i select or change the order of images

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2019-10-30 21:18:39 -

2019-05-12 14:56:51 Kamil - Hi Daniel, thank you for your feedback and the refined instructions!

2019-01-11 21:42:44 Daniel - You are my hero! Your script works like a charm. For a photo album we need to fit 2 photos on 1 and 4 on 1. That way you can fit more photos on one page (and it costs less :-) ). For instructions, GIMP 2.10 is also available as snap. Then scripts need to be placed into the following folder: /home/USERNAME/snap/gimp/94/.config/GIMP/2.10/scripts/

2018-09-04 09:33:16 Schnouki - Thanks for this script -- very useful! FYI I packaged it for Arch Linux:

2018-08-18 20:46:56 Pedro - Thaks for your scrips. It's very useful. You can add a margin beteen images and cut marks. Regards!

2018-07-19 10:37:16 Britanje - Thanks for your script. Very useful. Works fine in GIMP 2.10.4 - Linux Mint 18.3 MATE

2017-08-03 20:47:58 Anders - Been looking for something like this to print frameless index photos for a long time. Thank you!

2017-02-12 17:08:12 Kamil - Hi Ronald, unfortunately GIMP doesn't provide script-fu development tools to make plug and play functionality.

2017-02-03 03:37:16 Ronald Marlow III - Can you make a simple print layout, a drag and drop. Just like paint shop pro Corel. Is very simple and easy print layout. Thanks

2016-08-08 22:25:16 Kamil - Hi Rich, thank you for the suggestion.

2016-08-04 10:23:11 rich - Download is a .tar archive. Ok for me as a linux user but really would be better as a zip for all platforms. The tar is actually larger than the script - save some bandwidth use a zip.

2016-05-03 04:01:28 Partha - Thanks for your help.

2016-05-02 21:53:25 Kamil - This folder is inside your home folder. Beware of folder name - it starts with dot, therefore it is hidden on Linux!

2016-05-02 18:20:10 Partha - Please tell me inside which folder I will found /.gimp-2.8/ I am new to Linux.

2016-05-02 17:32:25 Kamil - Hi Partha, place script in your ~/.gimp-2.8/scripts. Run Gimp and open your images for printing. Run script from main Gimp menu /Tools/Images Grid Layout (at least one image must be loaded!)

2016-05-02 16:25:13 Partha - How to add this script in Ubuntu?

2016-03-24 09:30:11 Kamil - Hi Benny - many thanks for your the feedback! It's always pleasure to read this. Unfortunately I'm totally busy with my other projects (see below) and I don't plan IGLO development in near future. But I wrote your feature request to my TODO list. :)

2016-03-23 05:07:16 Benny - Hi Kamil! The Script is very straightforward. I love it. Works like a charm! Feature request: Save parameters! I do the same thing on similar images, but not always in the same GIMP session. When I close and open GIMP again, I have to adjust the parameters in the script. Would be cool if I could just save the parameters in a file and load it. This way, we could have multiple files with various standard parameters. ~Cheers!

2016-02-22 22:13:26 Kamil - Fixed - download new version 1.8, please.

2016-02-21 21:43:47 Kamil -

2016-02-21 20:35:25 Kamil - I have reproduced the error. All you guys were right! I'm sorry.

2016-01-06 13:07:02 Thomas - I confirm the same problem as described by Myron, Adrien, Michael as tested using IGLO 1.7 with GIMP 2.8.10 on Win7 as well as on Linux Mint. For me the reported error message shows reproducibly when the "Repeat image(s) x-times" setting is > 1.

2015-12-28 23:19:16 Myron - I can confirm the vector ref: out of bounds error on Gimp 2.8.10 on Lubuntu 14.04: Error while executing script-fu-images-grid-layout: "Paper width: 3508" "Paper height: 4961" "Canvas width: 3508" "Canvas height: 4961" "Column: 0" "Row: 0" Error: ( : 1) vector-ref: out of bounds: 255

2015-12-15 22:09:37 Kamil - Hi Tracey, Michael and Adrien - My apologies for late answer! Regarding your problem - I don't understand exactly settings which cause the error. Especially "Canvas width/height". In IGLO script is no setting with this name (see picture above). Do you mean "Image place width/height"? This setting defines size of single place for image on the paper. Therefore if you want repeat some image X-times on paper, image place must be 4x times smaller then paper size. But you don't need to set "Image place size" - let it be zeroed. Please can you send me email (below on this page) with screenshot of your settings?

2015-12-15 16:16:45 adrien - same error as below vector-ref: out of bounds

2015-11-10 11:58:09 Michael Shigorin (mike altlinux org) - Got this during an attempt to 4X a 471x708 image (told to be a 300dpi one): "Paper width: 2480" "Paper height: 3508" "Canvas width: 2480" "Canvas height: 3508" "Column: 0" "Row: 0" Error: ( : 1) vector-ref: out of bounds: 23 Paper size has been A4, "DPI of the new image" is 300, "Repeat image(s) x-times" is 4, the rest is zeroes or whatever else defaults. It's GIMP 2.8.14 running on ALT Linux/x86_64. Thank you anyways :-)

2015-11-09 04:04:55 Tracey - Get error message when trying to repeat images more than x=1 times: Error while executing script-fu-images-grid-layout: "Paper width: 765" "Paper height: 990" "Canvas width: 765" "Canvas height: 990" "Column: 0" "Row: 0" Error: ( : 1) vector-ref: out of bounds: 71 Paper size US Letter 8.5x11 Image place width: 58 mm repeat 3 times 10-13 unchecked OS: Windows 8.1 Gimp 2.8.14

2015-08-02 23:07:11 -

2015-04-26 20:46:43 Kamil - Heidi - Thank you for your feedback, but I tested the behavior with two square pictures and aspect ratio were kept. Please can you send me your images?

2015-04-21 09:55:55 Heidi - Great program. Unfortunately it does not keep aspect ratio at any time, as it changes aspect ratio wether I check "Allow change aspect ration" or not. I am using GIMP 2.8 on Windows 7

2015-04-12 10:29:40 Kamil - ajantaju: Hello, I'm sorry for troubles! Unfortunately I can't reproduce this error, can you send me the images you use and screenshot of your settings to my e-mail? (see footer of the page)

2015-04-07 19:16:18 ajantaju - Forgot to mention, Windows 7, Processor AMD FX-8350.

2015-04-07 18:27:21 ajantaju - Getting error message: Error while executing script-fu-images-grid-layout: "Paper width: 744" "Paper height: 1052" "Canvas width: 744" "Canvas height: 1052" "Column: 0" "Row: 0" Error: ( : 1) vector-ref: out of bounds: 31 A4, 90 DPI, repeat image : 2 times, all others default. Default settings with 5 images runs, but fills only below 2103 pixel. using GIMP 2.8.10

2015-02-26 20:08:33 Kamil - bond - Thanks a lot! Of course I'm going to update IGLO script once version 2.9 will be released! :)

2015-02-24 23:39:56 bond - Awesome, love it! But... are you aware some procedures you are using are now going to be depricated. I have to use gimp 2.9.1 (which is "development and unstable", but I beleave as already quite close) and it throws warnings each time I'm using the script. Here are examples of what it tells: called deprecated procedure 'gimp-image-add-layer'. It should call 'gimp-image-insert-layer' instead! called deprecated procedure 'gimp-drawable-set-name'. It should call 'gimp-item-set-name' instead! called deprecated procedure 'gimp-drawable-transform-scale'. It should call 'gimp-item-transform-scale' instead! It's only warnings, i.e. the script still works fine, but I realy hope once gimp 2.9 releases IGLO will be updated to use the new procedures

2015-02-08 22:54:35 Kamil - GIMP-WIMP - fixed :)

2015-01-19 22:48:14 GIMP-WIMP - Handy but I wish that you could set it to have a slight margin

2015-01-10 02:45:30 babyfatbob - GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT

2015-01-08 16:39:27 griddler - Works like a charm, thanks for your work

2014-09-14 12:47:23 Jan Vandewoestijne - Thanks for the script! Works like a charm!

2014-07-14 14:13:48 Amnon - Thanks for a great tool!

2014-06-15 21:27:49 Kamil - Hi san, thanks a lot! :)

2014-06-14 23:33:23 san - Thanks a lot for making (and maintaining!) this very useful script!

2014-06-03 21:27:49 Kamil - Hi Matt! It's done... Check it out :)

2014-06-02 21:21:05 Kamil - Hi Matt! Thanks a lot for your feedback :-D! I'm sorry for that the script ignores inches. I didn't expect expansion to other side of ocean... :-D Unfortunatelly I'm very busy now so although the change is small I can't promise when it will be done.

2014-06-01 14:16:33 Matt Caron - Excellent script! It's especially nice because I (a Linux junkie) and my wife (a Mac head) can both use it! One request, however - we're stupid Americans, and our whole film industry is based on paper sizes established 100 years ago. So, if we're trying to do a US Letter cut up to 3" x 5" sizes (so they fit in frames) we have to do the in -> mm conversion manually. Would it be possible to add a "Size Units" option for inches, so that the Image Place Width and Image Place Height can be specified in inches? It would be most convenient! Thanks again!

2014-05-21 09:08:33 Kamil - Hi Meg, thank you for your positive feedback! Unfortunatelly it's not possible to set margines in script settings now. But there exists a workaround. You can set result "paper" (meaning result image) size manualy by "Paper width" and "Paper height" control. So it's possible to set smaller result image then real paper and center resulting image on paper in printing settings.

2014-05-21 03:43:15 Meg - Great script, thank you -- exactly what I was looking for. One problem/question though -- is it possible to set up printing margins? Or otherwise influence how close the images are to the edge of the page? At the moment the images are being set right at the edge of the A4 page, which means they won't print. (Need it to print actual size) Thanks!

2014-04-30 07:56:20 Kamil - Hi Tony - You have to download the script and place it into folder ~/.gimp-2.8/scripts, or [gimphome]/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/. Then restart Gimp and you will find new menu item in Tools menu.

2014-04-30 07:52:41 Kamil - Hi ben, this script only calls Gimp functions. All operations with pricture are done by Gimp. Try to do it manually in Gimp.

2014-04-24 23:08:51 Tony - I am not finding the function anywhere in Gimp menu /Tools/Images Grid Layout... Maybe describe a little more of where to find it!? Thanks

2014-04-23 18:30:53 ben - Anything above 300 DPI -kills- my machine (8gb i5), but thanks for your efforts!

2014-04-15 05:45:34 David - Immensely helpful, saved me a lot of time. Thanks for writing this!

2014-03-02 20:57:40 Kamil - Hi Salahzar! Thank you very much for your feedback! I understand, what you want, but both things are not implemented now. Unfortunately I haven't any time now. I need to fix some issues in my screensaver (see below) and it consumes all my free time. But I both ideas I wrote to my list and in the future... perhaps... :)

2014-02-23 11:03:30 salahzar - BTW: I tried some years ago also to do exactly the opposite, i.e. split a big image in N single images using a grid, but I had multiple issues, since appeared extra pixels and the resulting image was not aligned correctly. :(

2014-02-23 10:51:01 salahzar stenvaag - Very nice plugin, just two questions: 1. Is it possible having the images centered on each grid slot (or other alignment like top, left, right, bottom,) 2. Is it possible to define something like 2x2 and producing a stream of output collages each with 4 images inside? I'd love to use this as an alternative to printers that are able to combine multiple pages from word say in images each having a 2x2 or similar structure. If you want, you can reply at I usually do teach gimp, blender and scripting in Italian.

2013-09-06 05:27:14 Kamil - Sorry for my bad English - just open images, which you want to print :)

2013-09-05 22:34:36 CJ Cornell - what does "open your images for printing" mean ... never heard this phrase in Gimp. Can't get the plugin to work properly otherwise.

2013-06-15 18:29:47 - to Valerie: Unfortunately it's no possible to change orientation of resulting image by script now. You have to do it by Gimp manually.

2013-06-09 23:23:31 weirdtalk - very useful script. Worked great for making a diy picture walk through. My only complaint is that it inserted the pictures in the reverse order (right to left, bottom to top). I got arround it by opening the photos in reverse but it would be nice to have an option for order or change left-right, top down to the default Using kubuntu + dolphin + gimp 2.8 as my workflow.

2013-06-05 18:19:57 Valerie - Could you tell me how to switch the orientation to landscape?

2013-05-24 11:11:56 Kamil - Unfortunatelly it's impossible to arrange gui elements to several columns in fu-script. Therefore is the form so long.

2013-05-22 21:51:51 hellocatfood - It is very useful, but the window is too long for my screen (1366x768), which means the OK button can't be pressed with the mouse

2013-05-13 04:05:04 Chawalit Anutarawanichkul - It is really useful, I had trying to find this for a long time. Thank so much.

2013-03-10 16:54:46 Ananya - Great tool! Thanks man!

2013-02-26 04:39:26 abanggeh - Thank You.. :)

2013-02-07 07:57:28 Kamil - Unfortunately it's not possible to make multiple pages now.

2013-02-06 16:02:40 dhrumil - Can i make multiple pages if the grid is too small for the number of photos. I want a 5 x 5 grid but i have like 200 photos.

2013-01-28 20:03:42 Kamil - New version with extended paper size and DPI was published. Enjoy it! :)

2013-01-15 12:24:06 Kamil - William: you can set paper size manually just below combobox with predefined sizes. You can set size till A1 now. I'll prepare update of the script with bigger predefined sizes as you mentioned.

2013-01-15 12:01:29 Kamil - sam: please read description at beginning of the page

2013-01-13 07:44:35 lee - Awesome script!!! Thanks I have few suggestions on the 'Size unit'/ Imager place width/height. Could we have : 1. support value with more than 1000 in pixel 2. support value in floating point ( or 2 decimal places ) 1.'inch' for size unit It will be even better with these enhancement. Thanks

2013-01-12 19:40:49 William - I'm a little confused; you say that we can create posters with this script, but you limit the paper size to A3 as the largest, which is nowhere near poster size. How do we customize the paper size so we can actually get to poster sizes? (24"x36" and larger)

2012-12-25 06:32:33 sam - forgot email

2012-12-25 06:32:07 sam - how to print different photos to one page

2012-11-02 13:07:10 Tim - Excellent script this - the final link in the chain to enable me finally to use Linux for all my photographic work.

2012-08-31 06:27:23 Kamil - to bgold2007: There are instructions on top of this page. See section "Install and use".

2012-08-31 06:24:37 Kamil - to nooj: Unfortunately it's not possible yet. You have to open images in Gimp and then run the script.

2012-08-31 02:38:59 - I am a Win7 user dual booting to Ubuntu. You provide NO instructions of how to "install" or save the script. Double clocking d/ls a tarball which becomes a scm file which I have no idea where to save to, which wants to update (or be updated?) which I close and select "save changes" but then when I try same with original file I get red error message "cannot find..." The dearth of a program of simple competence for Linux like the free, included windows photo viewer, with simple grids , still exists.

2012-08-30 04:37:37 nooj - hi, i just downloaded IGLO! i need to process all images from a selected directory. how to do that? - nooj

2012-08-20 21:10:39 Germanunkol - Exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot!

2012-06-08 19:24:58 Florent - Thank you very much for your script, it works like a charm and it's very helpful! A nice feature would be to have the option of printing the cutting grid, that would allow easy cutting when you are printing duplicates of the same image.

2012-05-09 07:31:44 Kamil - I just installed Gimp 2.8 on Windows 7 Ultimate and IGLO script works to me without any problems. Check you have IGLO script placed in to folder ".gimp-2.8/scripts" in your profile (home folder). Then run The Gimp, open your images (it is neccesary) and run script from menu Tools/Images Grid Layout.

2012-05-05 21:46:39 Ambimom - FYI, the script is still in the share/script location, but it does not appear in "Tools" in 2.8. I am using Windows 7/64 bit.

2012-05-05 21:43:45 Ambimom - This has been amazing for me!!! Works great, except the script doesn't work in Gimp 2.8. Are you going to update it? Please, please, please. I really need this one.

2012-04-04 04:53:56 alzurzin - I thank you sincerely. It works great with gimp 2.7 on ubuntu. I searched for a year to find such a script, and am very happy to be able to print multiple photos on a single page. I get a many error messages, though, when I execute the script, but the end result seems fine and I can print it.

2012-04-04 00:12:04 Anne - Hi, I used to love your script! However, it seems it does not work any more since I upgraded to Windows7 and gimp 2.6.11. Is this possible? I do not change any of the pre-set values, and this is the error message which I receive: "Procedure execution of gimp-layer-new failed on invalid input arguments: Procedure gimp-layer-new has been called with 0 for argumentwidth (Nr. 2, Typ GimpInt32). This is an invalid value." The script does not run at all. If I enter anything apart from "0" for Image place width in step 2, a new image is created but looks totally messed up. Looking forward to hear from you!

2012-03-28 10:59:56 Kamil - Thank you for your feedback! :D

2012-03-28 08:42:08 cece - Wow! YOU ARE GENIOUS! I worked 4 VERY long days to do cards by hand (front and back) and got migraines. I found your site because I thought there has to be an easier way. THANK YOU! You made my job EASY now! <3

2012-03-15 13:10:16 Kamil - I'm really sorry, but I'm not Apple user and I don't know the system. Please check Gimp documentation. Try to find, where is scripts" folder located and put the script there.

2012-03-14 03:22:35 richard landry - I am trying to bring up IGLO in my GIMP tooxbox, I am using Mac osx. What library folder should I put it in? Thank you very much...

2011-10-23 13:11:38 John - A great tool. Just what I had been looking for. Many thanks.

2011-10-15 22:14:49 Alex - Thank you very much, this is a brilliant and ver useful scripts ! Thanks for sharing and best !

2011-09-12 07:28:37 Kamil - Hi Thierry, thanks for your feedback! :)

2011-09-09 22:29:03 ThierryM - Hi, Excellent tool for printing from GIMP : it should be provided automatically with GIMP. Thanks a lot for your job and for sharing it. Tested with GIMP 2.6.10 under Ubuntu 10.10. Regards, Thierry

2011-07-24 19:55:17 Steve - Thanks for considering this Kamil. My idea is to have something similar to Photoshop Contact sheet which allows choice of resolution, image size, number of columns and number of rows per page. So you can have lots of small images or only a few larger images on each page. The caption would be the file name under each photo. I use it to add an appendix of photos to my reports.

2011-07-21 07:32:31 kamil - Hi Steve, unfortunatelly the script can't devide photos to multiple pages now. It's not supported feature. I can do it in future development, but I'm realy busy now. So I can't promise to you when it will be finished. Situation with "file name caption" is same. What is your idea? Where should be the caption? Plz. write me an e-mail. Thank you.

2011-07-18 19:49:13 Steve - Installed OK. I am trying to make photos fit 1 column, 2 photos per page across as many pages as necessary, but I can only get them all appearing on one page. Am I missing something? Also - is there a way to get the .JPG file name to appear as a caption?

2011-06-01 15:48:32 oliver - Many thanks that was exactly the tool I was looking for! Simple but VERY useful.

2011-05-23 07:44:07 kamil - Thank you for an caution! I'll try to fix it asap.

2011-05-19 07:21:51 - does not work for The Gimp version 2.2.13

2011-02-12 09:36:17 ronnie - thanks a lot. great script

2011-01-23 16:03:14 Kamil - Hi Michael! Thank you for your feedback. The problem is in settings. You can set exact size of each grid field (place) - see parameter 2 and 3. Then your business cards will not be resized.

2011-01-20 13:40:47 Michael Zech - Hi! I tried to use your script to print business cards. The problem is: My card gets resized. I think it would be nice if there was an option *not* to resize images TIA Michael

2010-11-20 12:25:31 Frank - @Kamil: Thanks anyway - IGLO is very helpful for the intendend purpose, nevertheless :)

2010-11-09 13:25:10 Kamil - to Ronnie: thanx a lot! :)

2010-11-09 13:24:24 Kamil - to Frank: This would be a significant change in the concept of the IGLO. Script-Fu and its GUI isn't good to solve such a problem well. Therefore I do not provide this functionality in near future. Sorry.

2010-11-09 13:15:28 FB Ronnie - Works like a charm I've just printed myself some business cards. Thanks a lot!

2010-11-08 13:15:37 Frank Stefani - I would much appreciate an option to place different sizes of one image on one sheet. This is often used in school or kindergard photograpy. Eg. 1 big version (1 half of a sheet) and two smaller versions (2 quarters of a page). Regards, Frank -- PhotoJournalist / Photo Artist

2010-09-20 05:56:09 Kamil - to unknown below: It would be nice, but Gimp authors don't want to add more plugins into the basic install.

2010-09-20 05:54:12 Kamil - to Mukul: thanks a lot of! :)

2010-09-20 05:53:31 Kamil - to Wolfgang: thanks for tips!

2010-09-17 11:37:30 - Plugin is really useful! Any chance of this going into the default gimp install?

2010-08-09 13:25:02 Mukul Dube - Looks useful. Thank you. Must examine it carefully when I have the time -- or the need.

2010-07-26 18:49:18 Wolfgang Oertl - Works quite well to print a half A3 size image to one A3 twice. I miss an option to avoid scaling and to space the images evenly, or to add a certain margin to the resulting page. But anyway a big help, thanks!

2010-04-14 19:21:07 Kamil - ???????? ?? ???????? ? ???????. ???????: ? ????? ???? ????. ? ?? ??????, ??? ?? ?????? ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ? ????????? ?????. ? ???? ???? ????? ? ??????? Google Translate. ? ????????? Iglo ??? ???? ????????, ??????? ? ??????? ? ???????. ? Script-Fu ????? ?????? ?????????????????. ??? ????? ??????, ???????? ???????. ??????? ???????????, ? Python.

2010-03-17 06:12:07 Ljubava - ??? ???????! ?? ????? ???????? ?? ???????))??? ??? ??????? ?? ???????? ??????, ? ????? ??????. ????? ???? ??? ????????? ???????? ? ????? ??????????? ???? ?? ????????? ??????????. ???? ??????? ??????? ?? GIMP, ?????????? ?????? ???????????? ????????.

2010-03-16 09:30:58 Kamil - ??????? ?? ??? ?????! :-D ? ????, ??? ?????? ????????.

2010-03-16 06:20:24 Ljubava - ??????,??????? ??????? ?? ??????! ? ?????? ????????? ???????????!

2010-02-13 14:51:28 Kamil - Thank you Peter. Nice work! If you agree, I'll add the link to this page.

2010-02-12 15:16:36 Peter Nore - I created a small tutorial on how to create business cards with your script:

2010-01-21 13:09:08 Kamil - I don't understand exactly where is the problem. Please send me e-mail with example to my address (on bottom of page).

2010-01-21 09:57:43 Alexander - 1.2 (7. 7. 2009) with gimp 2.6.6 (Linux). I try multiple my 35x45mm (it's "printing image size" in Gimp) photo on A4 paper, but IGLO stretches this photos to A4 width. Is't mistake?

2010-01-09 13:26:57 Jon - Oh right! Thanks Kamil sorry for the noob-ness! Works great, very handy :)

2010-01-09 10:33:14 Kamil - I'm sorry that this is not in the install procedure. Downloaded TAR file must be be unpacked (untar) into that directory. For "untar" on MS Windows you can use 7zip, TotalCommander etc. I will fix instructions.

2010-01-09 03:05:13 Jon - I've moved the script into /share/gimp/2.0/scripts/ and opened images but there is still nothing in the tools menu. I noticed all the other scripts i have are .scm files where as this is a .tar Am i in the wrong folder?

2010-01-08 14:33:11 Kamil - You have to load an image and then you will find IGLO in the Tools menu

2010-01-08 12:55:34 Charlie - I installed your script in gimp 2.6.8 but i can't seem to find it in any of the menus when i open gimp. I am using windows vista.

2010-01-03 15:05:36 Kamil - Very sorry, I had an error in the script. Now everything is in order.

2010-01-02 20:03:33 Tomas - Hi Kamil When i try to download IGLO i just get a picture saying Rails, am i doing somthing wrong, or is it some problem with the download?

2009-12-11 16:05:29 Kamil - to Marcel - I'm sorry, but I misunderstood your problem. This behavior is by design. Script make resizing the input image (with the maintenance aspect ratio) so as to fit into boxes in the grid.

2009-12-04 19:33:10 DavidG - I used your script to make a 12x15 A3 grid of baby photos for the first 6 months with our son for my wife. Google Picassa has identified the face shots, and your script did the layout. The result is awesome, thanks for your effort and making it available.

2009-11-25 07:55:00 Kamil - Thank's for bug report. I'll fix it ASAP.

2009-11-25 05:54:21 Marcel - Hi.. I've been trying this for a long time but it does not work. Try choosing a US letter size, 8.5x11" and print three 4x6" images on it. IGLO will place two images side by side, and the third image also in portrait mode below it. That should be impossible: 6" + 6" = 12" and the max. paper size is only 11".

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Script preserves aspect ratio of images

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You can create empty grid with specified count of columns and rows - width of wire is minimal space between images

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